Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coral class, I completed

It always amazes me how long and how much fiber it takes to do the additional rows around a canvas just so the finisher won't make it the size of a cigar (no insult meant to the finisher).  Interminable!  But, I finally finished, and here it is:

Meredith asked if I had used beads.  The answer is no.  I prefer French knots.  It has the same effect, but I am better at doing French knots than I am chasing beads around the room. 

Calico Corners is currently having a sale.  I stopped by on Monday in search of fringe for a customer's pillow and discovered the perfect fabric and fringe for my two coral pillows.  They'll be finished with a 2" frame and wonderful coral fringe.

Now to work on the fan coral and send these beauties to the finisher.  With luck, that will be the end of October.

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  1. This weekend I made my first french knot! So pretty! I love the appearance that it gives your coral! Agreed about the extra stitching! I always get so excited about finishing, then I realize that I still need to do the outer edge- and it usually takes me a few weeks to actually do it! Can't wait to see the finished pillows- that fringe is great!