Saturday, September 10, 2011

coral class, I

Several years ago I had Trubey design two small coral canvases for me to use in teaching two-session classes where the students could select which canvas they wanted to stitch.  My models were made into framed pillows out of a coral polished cotton with a rusty-coral fringe.  They were so gorgeous that someone came in and bought the finished products.  So, now to stitch replacements. 

I started by doing a stitch to outline the design area.  For this canvas, I selected the Long-armed cross stitch variation.  It should start from the top left of the canvas, ending the row two stitches early to allow for the downward row of the stitch.  Then move to the bottom, and then turning the canvas upside down, doing the last side.  I cheated in the interest of the blogging entry and did the left side from the top down (rather than from the bottom up to maintain the flow of the stitch).  It's easier to do the outline stitch first and then lay the threads of the stitch selected for the interior of the background.  (Rather than doing the background and trying to not pierce the threads of the background stitch while doing the border stitch.)

I'm tap-dancing verbally, because I cannot locate the name of the stitch I am using for the background.  I thought it was a variation of the Old Florentine, but I can't verify that.  Anyway, it's a quick and easy stitch to do and offers nice texture.  It's one row over 4 and one row over 2 in a flame-stitch motif. 

Some of the darkest areas of the coral are stitched in the smyrna cross.  It has been nice to have this to work on while watching the US Open Tennis matches.  I'm hoping to finish this during the next week so I can start on its companion.


  1. It's gorgeous! Wish I was closer so I could do the canvas as a class!