Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stylish ladies finish

After much dithering about how to finish/finish my 5 stylish ladies, I finally settled on inserting them into the Lee's Needle purse for which they were originally designed.  So I went from a tray to a leather purse to a nicely styled pre-finished purse.  Of course, if you look closely, you can see where I had to add 4 rows of basketweave on each side.  Thankfully that doesn't detract from the overall smashing look.  I'm quite pleased with myself and can't wait to carry it in two weeks when I visit Cape Cod.

I spent two days this week putting my overdyed impressions on sale and pruning my inventory of watercolors to put on sale (50% off), both from the Caron Collection.  I'm keeping about 60% of the watercolors selection, but decided to eliminate those color combinations that were less subtle in color transition.

This is a sampling of the watercolors selected for the sale basket.
And these are examples of the overdyed impressions placed on sale.


  1. The bag is wonderful! Love the ladies and it really looks bright with the dark bag! Perfect for Cape Cod! Some of those watercolor combos are terrific! We might have to chat about sending some of those to MA... :-D

  2. You're absolutely correct--the bag is smashing!