Saturday, March 10, 2012

Poinciana tree class

Well, took my computer in for some attention, but to no avail.  They were slammed, so my small potatoes laptop got bumped.  Monday they should be able to devote some time to its problems.  I'm just reminding myself to be patient

Here's a photo of the cording I made from silk lame braid:
Making your own cording adds a wonderful custom touch to finished items.  It's an easy technique to master.

While I continue with the endless background on my 2nd small flamingo canvas, I thought I'd show another Florida-themed class that I teach.  Trubey designed this about 5 years ago. 
This is 5x7on 18mesh canvas.  I started stitching the sky in Byzantine mosaic stitch in DMC perle 5.  Then I worked on the water, doing the Old Florentine stitch in Needle Necessities overdyed floss.  I've had to switch this fiber to watercolors.  That is also true of the foliage on the right side of the canvas--there I did the encroaching gobelin, again in overdyed floss that I've now changed to watercolors. 


  1. The colors on the Trubey landscape are beautiful. What stitch did you use for the tree trunk? Looks great!

  2. Anne, you'll have to wait a week until my 3rd post--that stitch needs to be done near the end so it doesn't get in the way of other stitching. Sorry to be such a downer! Mary Agnes

  3. Beautiful stitches and gorgeous colors. Love all of it and looking forward to part 3