Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Positive moments

Earlier this evening, I posted a blog entry that contained a lot of frustration--with customers, with life's realities, with life in general.  Thank goodness I thought better of it after 5 minutes (or so) and came back and deleted the entry.  That is not to say that next week or next month, I won't make a post with the same grievances.  But I will do it with a different tone and attitude.  Not poor me or cruel world, but this is the way it is.  We'll see how well I do with the rewrite.

Instead, I want to emphasize my positives.  Yesterday, I had as a customer a young man who is about 8 years old (I don't want to insult him).  He's a member of a greater needlepoint family, aunts and cousins.  Several of his cousins and one aunt were with him selecting needlepoint.  He selected his canvas and had definite opinions about the color selection to stitch it.  He met me at the door this morning when I arrived to open Needle Nicely.  He needed several colors that were ignored yesterday.  And throughout both processes, he was so wonderfully polite and interested. How great is that!

My mailman came in today with another quiz about the shipper of the box of canvases he was delivering.  It's the new home of Treglown Designs in New Mexico (I am blanking now, but I think Rio Robles).  How marvelous to live somewhere that the mailman deals with you as a person and not just an entity where he must drop mail. 

My stitching is evolving slowly.  I've been finishing a Pischke Pocket for a customer at the shop all the while I'm stitching the black background of a customer's Christmas stocking.  All while trying to finish the poinciana tree's French knots.  I hope within the next week I'll have a photograph of the finished poinciana tree.  Please cross your fingers with me.  And I have already started the next project.  Photograph within the next week, I promise.

Repeat after me, life is good, things are looking better, we will survive and be better.  No more downers.


  1. Love your post. Life can be so frustrating at times. Love your blog. Please keep the faith.

  2. A great upbeat attitude to help us finish out our week--good job, Mary Agnes!

  3. Mary Agnes, yesterday's posting made it to Google Reader, which is how I read updated blog postings since I follow so many. It's still there but when I rushed over to your actual blog address to post a hug, the article wasn't there. File Not Found, or something similar. So I knew you'd typed out the annoyance and then deleted it. I'm glad you got it out of your system. Sometimes we just have to say what is on our minds! Then we feel better and can move on.

  4. I, too, read your grumpy post on Google Reader and can only say 'Amen!" I'm a customer, not an owner. But I'm only too happy to ask the price of merchandise. And am appalled at lowlife's who would cruise shops looking for ideas or worse. May the stitchers out there who appreciate the LNS continue to understand that the LNS is an endangered species. Ask me. The nearest one to me is 2.5 hours away now.

  5. Thanks so much for your positive comments. I appreciate that so many people take the time to read about my shop and my stitching. Thank you! Mary Agnes

  6. Mary Agnes, I hope your week has improved. Sadly, the blog post is still visible through Google Reader. I enjoyed visiting your shop last week. Thank goodness I had GPS to rescue me!