Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Poinciana tree, phase 2

I did the ground cover along the river bank in the woven stitch using 1-ply watercolors.  Then a repeat of the encroaching gobelin (sometimes called the interlocking gobelin, I have discovered).  Again using 1-ply of watercolors.  The large plant in the right hand corner I did in Satin stitch using 2-ply watercolors. 

I just remembered to tell you that I originally stitched this as shown using Needle Necessities overdyed floss for the encroaching gobelin (and also for the water from the last post).  I sold so little NN the years we stocked it that after it was discontinued, I dumped it on ebay and haven't added the Threadworx fibers.  My sale area also contains my stock of overdyed impressions and wterlilies.  I love them but none of my customers seem to feel the love.  Better to devote that space and inventory money to things that my customers do like and buy.     


  1. When you stitched the left side, did you "manipulate" the thread a little? The way the shading turned out makes it look like a stepped bank--terrific effect!

  2. No, Anne, I used it just as it came, working the rows back and forth (rather than always working from the right or left). Glad you like it.