Friday, March 16, 2012

Sorrow, dismay....Duke lost!

For anyone who has ever lived in the state of North Carolina, it has to be a really devastating moment when the last buzzer sounded tonight and Duke (wonderful, magnificent Duke) lost to Lehigh.  Congratulations to Lehigh and may they go far in the NCAA tournament, but my heart is bleeding Duke-blue.  And Coach K just gave a classy post-game interview saying that Lehigh played a better game and deserved to win. 

How well I can remember making  Trubey accompany me to Bobby's (a bar/restaurant in Vero Beach) when NC State made it to the 1983 finals of the NCAA.  Jim Valvano was the coach and they were playing Houston, the phi-slamma-jamma team.  We got to Bobby's about 6 so we would have prime seats at the bar, ate dinner at the bar, and then waited for the game (I think at 9pm).  I insisted that we wear NC State's red, not realizing that Houston's colors were also red and white.  So the bar was full of red.  There were very few women.  I think Trubey and I were the only NC State fans.  Talk about getting a razzing!!  But the miracle is that we were still coherent at the end of the evening.  It's amazing how powerful adrenaline can be!  And we won.  I still bump into men who were there that night watching the game, and they always comment about how no one believed NC State would win--but Trubey and me.  A really nice memory. 

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