Saturday, July 7, 2012

Leaf medallion class, another colorway

I originally designed and stitched the leaf medallion in December, 2011, in preparation for my winter 2012 classes.  It elicited little notice from my prospective students and I've been wondering if my color selection were the culprit.  This is the original color combination:

Since it's summer, I felt the need for some refreshing citrus.  Yellow is the dominant color in the watercolors I selected.  I had a little trouble picking some of the other colors that were used in the watercolors.  

My pale green sparkle rays was too minty:

I just had to rip it out.  Then my splendor for the eyelet and Scotch stitches took over the world and had to be picked out.  Of course, I didn't make that decision until I had almost finished them.
I like what I now have:
Now I'm looking forward to stitching on this tomorrow while I watch Federer and Murray at Wimbledon.  That is. if I don't get involved totally in the tennis action.

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  1. While I liked your original colorway, this new one seems to have a little more zip.