Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pretty posies, continued

What a bonehead move I just made.  I went to download my photographs, but I was listening to something on television at the same time.  So instead of clicking on the little box for downloading photographs, I hit the bright orange publish button.  One of my brothers will be more than happy to testify that that empty post contains the sum total of my intelligence.  Let me try again.

Now that I am over my misgivings about how the posies will look, I'm making progress on stitching these blossoms.  I do have to take time out to stitch things for customers.  Tomorrow I must start putting together a key fob for one of my customers. 

Monday I took this picture through the screen of our back porch.  It's a blue heron on the hunt for dinner.  That "waterfront" is the retention pond for our development.  Florida has such a high water table that you need places for the water from the downpours to gather, rather than in your house.  The pond also provides water for our lawn sprinklers. 

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