Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Leaf medallion class, colorway 2, part 3

NEWS FLASH:  Needle Nicely is now closed on Saturdays, year-round, starting immediately.  Saturday has always been our slowest business day in the Florida shop.  (That was hard to get used to since our North Carolina shop did about 1 1/2 times as much business on Saturday as any other day of the week.)  And it is an early birthday present to myself--working 6 days a week in the wintertime has become a chore.  

And now to the stitching.  I had to make an executive decision about the position of colors in this colorway of the Leaf medallion class.  The yellow splendor just disappears when used for the mosaic stitches as shown here.
So I substituted the green splendor.  I'll just need to make a note in the chart to warn stitchers of the change.  I like the stitch definition presented by the color switch.  And again I should mention that the green in the watercolors is more limey than shows in this photograph.

My mind is racing forward to my next home project that I should start in about 2 weeks.  My next post will show the finish of my blossoms, my current shop project.  Such stitching excitement!!


  1. I'm not usually a "yellow" person, but I like this colorway a lot more than the original--it has lots of zip!

  2. I love the green! Looks great! I generally prefer a painted canvas, but this project is tempting me to have you send me some blank canvas!

  3. That is surprising! But I guess it's so many retired people...they don't need to shop on Saturdays? Love the green.