Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pretty posies, the finale

First, I feel that I must respond to Anna's (and others'--had to change that apostrophe or Anna might smite me grammatically) questions about Needle Nicely's decision to close on Saturdays.  I hesitate to use terms like honestly or truthfully because people say that actually means the opposite.  Anyway, the truth of the matter is that I will be 70 in October and I'm tired of working 6 days a week, which I do during "the season" and in the months leading up to it.  Needle Nicely has been in Vero Beach for over 31 years (we opened in October, 1981).  In the ensuing years, Saturday has consistently been the poorest day in revenues.  I have always insisted on being open on Saturday so as to allow access to stitchers who work.  That doesn't seem to be a factor in Vero, I regret to say.  The reality of retail is that sales are better when I am physically in the store.  Tough to believe since I know that my personality is like a fine wine--some people love me and there are those who avoid me.  I must also confess that any of my employees over the years will tell you that I manage to dodge quite a few people who I don't seem to synch with.  That's reality and that's life.  We all move on (though some of us continue to hide in the back room!).  But I'm in retail and have signed a lease for another (at this moment) 2 3/4 years.  This weekend is my first 3-day weekend,  I think, since I was a librarian--centuries (almost!) ago.  

And how did I change the font?  I wish I knew because I quite like it. Maybe with 3-day weekends I'll have time to figure it out!!  I did figure one thing out--how to record a message on the shop answering machine.  With manual in hand, it only took my punching the wrong button about a gazillion times before I hit the correct formula. 

The above photograph is the completed blossoms canvas.  I have already worked on it for over an hour, clipping the turkey work and then trying to trim the individual blossoms.  The ribbon floss feels so soft when you run your hand over it.  Nice!  There's a lot more trimming to go, but I'll wait to do that until after the tote is back from the finisher.

And just as a curiosity, I photographed the back of the finished canvas.  It's interesting to see the regularity of the back of the turkey work.


  1. The flowers are lovely and a three day weekend divine! After all, I know you'll figure out a way to help those who can only visit on Saturdays. Enjoy the long weekend.

  2. You go for it!! I'd say you have earned the weekends. Was Blowing Rock REALLY that long ago?!! Love the flowers!