Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Greek key belt, finished

I finished the Greek key belt canvas and have it poised on the teaching table at the shop in preparation for shipping to the finisher.  I've been busy the past two days with unpacking finishing and calling customers.  Received two rugs from the finisher this morning and already the owners have picked them up.  And received 10 belts from my main belt finisher yesterday.  A nice day for the balance sheet.

I'll show the finished product sometime in late January when I receive it from that finisher.  

Yesterday I had Marcia start taking down the sample pillows displayed on the shelf around the shop, just below the ceiling.  Most of the pillows hadn't been moved since I put them up there in 2005 when we moved into the shop after Hurricane Wanda.  Whew!  She took them 2 by 2 outside and beat them on the planter to remove the worst of the dust.  I retreated to the back room where I put new canvases into the computer, but even then the dust cloud was evident.  My node was veddy stopped up.  Actually, the dust was so bad that she stopped about 2/3 of the way through.  We'll (notice that royal we!) do the rest next Tuesday.  Today my 5'11" teenager came in to put them back up and she'll finish next Wednesday.  She got them done faster than expected because she has such a sense of design that I don't have to constantly say, it's upside down, it needs to be straighter, etc.  She gets it on the first try.  But once again, we were  both sneezing from the dust.  Ah, well!  Won't have to do it again for another 7 years! 

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