Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More rug canvases

Color me delighted!  Since Marcia and I started unpacking the rugs last Tuesday, Needle Nicely has sold 5 rug canvases.  That makes me think that 40% is the markdown percentage to really get people's attention. My rug inventory will remain on sale at 40% through this winter season.  Who knows? As the number thins out, I may reduce individual rugs even more.  

I do want to apologize to people who have been trying to look at the photographs I have posted of rug canvases over the last 2 years.  I have tried and haven't succeeded in figuring out how to mark the entries as links you can just click on.  But if you do go to the archives and click on the July 2012 entries or the December 2010 entries, the rug photographs are there.  

These roses were designed by Lee's Needle Arts.  It's a 2x3 foot rug on 10mesh.

 Magnolias are such a Southern flower.  These were designed by Shariane Designs.  The rug is 2x3 feet and 10mesh. 

 This wall hanging was designed by one of my favorite designers, Terry Enfield.  She's a Southwesterner whose somber tones are not a favorite of my customers.  I just love the "lines" of her designs and her subtlety.  I first saw her designs in the late 1970s when I visited my sister in Las Cruces, NM.  The local needlepoint shop had some of Terry's designs and gave me her address.  This was before she was distributed nationally.  What a find!
I love the free-flowingness of these parrot tulips by Julie Poitras of JP Designs.  The way they overflow the inner boundaries is such an appealing concept.
I apologize for the shadow of the rug design that was under this canvas.  Oops! 

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