Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Standing nutcracker, XI

My nutcracker, Gunther, is showing very slow progress.  This week I've been picking out some stitching on a canvas Needle Nicely is going to finish stitching for a customer.  The tension was irregular and I decided that the overall project would look better if there wasn't that contrast with our stitching.  My pointer finger is sore from picking out Paternayan.  That combined with the finish of the rearrangement of the models on the shelf around the shop meant less time for nutcracker stitching.  And yes, the dust flew yesterday and today. Here's my progress:

If you enlarge the photo you can see that I managed to widen the left-hand border by overstitching rather than picking out and restitching.  Silk 'n ivory is such a forgiving fiber that it was a simple process.  I've also finished the beard and moved down on all areas of the uniform with the encroaching gobelin.  

And this photo is so you can see how I'm dealing wtih the stitched top portion of Gunther--I folded the canvas and basted it so the flopping section is minimized.  

I discovered today during my photography session that I tacked the canvas on crooked when I moved it.  So I need to untack and retack.  I doubt that it would matter since the canvas is taut, but that 3 thread difference from the top of the frame to the bottom is the sort of thing that bugs me (I'm one of those who is always straightening crooked pictures!).  Guess that's why I was a cataloger in a college library.

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