Saturday, December 22, 2012

Rug sale

Marcia and I started unpacking the rugs Tuesday morning.  While she spread them out, I took pictures of several.  Then reality reared its head--I have too many rug canvases, especially considering the precarious state of wool yarn.  I have filled in the holes left in my Paternayan selection with the supposed correlated colors in Waverly.  Paternayan's color palette is so clear in comparison to Waverly's.  Sigh!

Anyway, on the spot Tuesday I decided to sell all my rug canvases at 40% off.  No special orders.  In fact, I'm not sure many of them are still available from the designers.  Thus far I have sold four canvases.  The sale will continue until most of my inventory is gone.  In the late spring I may need to discount further.  So be it.  The blog posts where I have shown photographs are:  12/9/2010; 12/12/2010; 12/14/2010; 7/17/2011; 7/30/2011; 6/17/2012.

Here are the photographs I took Tuesday.  I'll post additional ones next Wednesday.  Needle Nicely has always prided itself on its selection of rug canvases and it pains me greatly to resort to this sale.  Still, everyone who has stitched one rug is so pleased with the result that they often stitch another, and another.  Since many of them are on 10-mesh it is a relatively speedy process.  All of these rugs below are approximately 24x36 in size.

 This is the perfect "nursery" rug with its pastel bunnies, though they'd be just as attractive in bright colors.  By Lee's Needle on 10mesh.

 This canvas was a master at one of Lee's Needle's painting studios.  It is priced at 60% off its original price because there are some minor paint dots.

A 10-mesh canvas by Lee's Needle.

This gorgeous floral had just arrived at Needle Nicely when Hurricane Wilma came to visit.  It was on a table in the back room and it got wet when the roof leaked in about 20 places.  The discoloration is only on the canvas edge, but it is priced at 60% off its original retail price.  And there is no reason these flowers have to stay lavender!

EDIT:  FYI to see older posts, look to the right of the blog and you'll see "archives".  That's where you can click on the month, year and then date of the blog entry.  Much easier to find the rug photos that way than trying to search key words.

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