Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hearts, IV

 This is part of the set-up that I resorted to this week to determine the placement of Rhodes Heart stitches for the border of the Princess and Me Hearts canvas I am stitching.  I hate to pick out and knew if I started stitching the border without a pretty good plan, lots of "frogging" would be in my future.  Each of the squares is 10x9 stitches.  I calculated the total number of stitches each way in my border and then moved the squares around to arrive at that number.  My husband thought I was being a little space-y, but my system appears to be working (notice the superstition there since I haven't completed that top row all the way across!).
I also started stitching the partial heart at the top of the canvas with Byzantine #2 (from Stitches to Go).
I'm going to take this canvas to the shop so I can show it off for prospective students to see.  It won't reappear until late spring, hopefully in a more complete condition.  Monday I'll bring Gunther home.  His stitching has slowed to a crawl because of the increase in business due to the "season".  Believe me, I'm not complaining.  So many of Needle Nicely's customers come back year after year, and now due to "Blogger" I am seeing new faces.  This time of year is a constant "old home week".  Such fun to catch up.

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  1. Sure hope the count for the border works out for you--it looks really neat!