Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Like I really need more inventory!

It's that time of year when new canvases start pouring into Needle Nicely.  It's like Christmas or birthday every day.  Even the UPS driver gets excited and my mailman delights in playing the "who sent the package from...." just to try and stump me.
First we have our shop pin-up, Miss Marsh from Cooper Oaks.
 There are lots of turtles that nest on Vero's beaches.  This belt from Cooper Oaks is a great depiction of turtles.
And we see lots of sun-worshippers in Vero (thank goodness!).  This design from Pippin just calls for stitching.

And this canvas from Ruth Schmuff could be the motto of some of our customers.
This by Pippin makes me want to sail away, leaving my cares behind me.  And another by Pippin adds some necessary spice to my life.
Can't wait to see what's coming tomorrow. 

This afternoon Emma, my canvas hanging teenager, came by to help out with the walls.  While I had her attention, I got her to show me several features of my iphone.  It didn't take her any time to handle the sources of my confusion.  Nice to know someone so capable.


  1. The Pippin canvas of sailboats is particularly attractive--where does this company hail from? Is it on 18 ct. or 13 ct.?

    1. Anne, she is from British Columbia and as you can see is very talented. She designed the lighthouse canvas I blog-stitched several months ago. You can find her on line at and I don't know why that didn't turn into a clickable link. The canvas is 13mesh. Mary Agnes