Saturday, June 29, 2013

Best laid plans

So last Monday I planned to spend the day blissfully watching tennis and cheering on my picks.  It's hard to stitch when the people for whom you are rooting are deeply in the weeds.  Yes, Rafa lost, ignobly.  (I'll have to check that spelling--hmm).  And Stan Wawrinka also lost to, of all people, Lleyton Hewitt.  GRRR. 

As if that weren't enough angst for me, I realized about 9am that something was happening atop the accordion hurricane shutter on our kitchen window.  We have doves in Florida and a pair of them has obviously decided that the ideal nest location is atop that hurricane shutter.  I noticed last week that there was a lot of dead weedy material around the window.  I wondered how it got there since it is recessed and in ten years hasn't been evident as a gathering place for debris.  Well, this couple was bringing stuff in to make a nest.  I had to go out about 5 times to break the nest up.  I felt cruel, but it would be crueler to destroy the nest with eggs if a hurricane were to approach. 

I felt better about the doves this morning when I noticed she is nesting in one of the pygmy palms right outside that same kitchen window where I evicted her.
 This is the view from inside the kitchen.  The nesting dove is in the nearest palm on the right up in the bulb.  She is hard to spot since her colors blend in so perfectly.  Here is a closer view of her.
 These are the starfish airing out.  I found these through a shell wholesaler and they smelled a little strong when I opened the box.  I'll be adding several of these as accents to the starfish garland.
 Most of my shop stitching this week was doing the black on a penguins belt for a customer.  She couldn't see to stitch the black, even while using a magnifying lamp.  The light at Needle Nicely makes it easier to see the black.  I have finished the main part of the purse ribbon and have started again on the bow stripes. 

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