Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The last of the sale rugs are listed and Carmen!

 At last!  I just finished listing the last of the 69 rugs and wall hangings that Needle Nicely has put on sale.  The majority are 40% off, a few are 50% off.  Sometime in the late fall, prices will be reduced further.  Please check out the two Sale Rug Pages on the upper right hand side of my blog.  There are some beauties there.  And everyone who has stitched a rug, wants to stitch another since it is such a satisfying experience.

This next week, movie theaters across America will be rebroadcasting a High-Definition telecast of a Metropolitan Opera performance of Carmen.  Please do your best to locate a venue.  It is such a marvelous occasion.  Elena Garanca is magnificent as Carmen.  Not only can she sing while flat on her back being carried around the stage, she can sing while sensuously taking a tangerine from between her bosoms, taking a bite from its unskinned being, spitting the bite out, while still singing  belligerently at a Spanish officer.  What a moment!

The Vero Beach rebroadcast will be Saturday, June 22, at 10am.  I encourage you to discover when your local movie theaters may be offering it.  My local theater charges $12.50  for rebroadcasts.  Quite a bargain considering prices for live performances at the Metropolitan Opera! I purchased the DVD of this performance, but I'm still planning to see it again Saturday on the "big screen".  Can't wait.

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