Saturday, June 22, 2013

I love Vero, 5

I knew I'd do this--once I stopped working on the background, stitching in other areas, I haven't gone back to the background.  Yes, I am one of the people who "love the one I'm with".  I did manage to finish all of the sand.   For the water I've done the top edge in the slanted gobelin.  The remainder of the water is done in the mosaic stitch.  Most of the design motifs are stitched in DMC perle 3 as a contrast to the silk 'n ivory used for the larger areas. 

The yellow of the beachball is Byzantine variation #2 and the sling beach chair is the diagonal mosaic.  The beachtowel is just the continental and the hull of the  sailboat is again in the slanted gobelin. 

I'm looking forward to accomplishing lots of stitching in the next 2 weeks as Wimbledon starts.  Much of the stitching will be done in the early morning hours as television coverage starts at (I think and hope) 6am.  That way I can watch matches before I leave to open Needle Nicely at 10am--I'm lucky that in the summertime I'm only about 7 minutes away from the shop!  (Traffic, of course, is much slower in the winter.)

And somehow I need to fit in time this weekend to check out the Facebook and web pages of those shops and designers who are at the Columbus market.  While I won't be ordering now, I will be making notes of canvases and accessories to order in the fall.  It's also time for the procrastinator to think about doing another Needle Nicely Newsletter.  Maybe next weekend.....

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  1. The colors in this canvas are so vibrant--looking good!