Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Christmas stocking times 3

Last December,  a grandmother came into Needle Nicely with 2 stocking canvases that she had purchased and had kitted ten years ago.  Could I have names painted on them and have them stitched and assembled by this Christmas?  And could I purchase a third stocking as a companion to the first two, with matching fibers?  No problemo.

I have edited out the names on the stockings.  The stockings were stitched primarily in wool.  White DMC perle cotton was used for the snow and for the moon and stars.  All mustaches were stitched in French knots, as were the eyebrows.  The beards were long/short split stitch.  The pompoms were done in turkey work and will be trimmed and shaped after the stockings are assembled.  Most of the toys were stitched in DMC perle cotton.  Santa's buckles and the trim on his sleigh was Balger gold metallic.

They'll be lined in white moire and backed in red velveteen.  Then I'll send them to an excited grandmother.  It has been quite a satisfying adventure watching these develop.


  1. Wow, Mary Agnes, that's a lot of stitching! What mesh size was used for the canvases? Those grandkids sure are lucky!

  2. Anne, they are 13mesh so stitched more quickly than 18mesh, thank goodness.