Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saint Charles TNNA market II

In looking for a small project to stitch on the airplane to and from the market, I espied this canvas from Associated Talents that I bought last year at Baltimore's market. 
 I started the background with 3 rows of basketweave alternating with the slanted gobelin over 2 threads using silk 'n ivory.  The H's are done in the diagonal mosaic (except for the crossbars which are slanted gobelin--I couldn't deal with figuring out where the short stitch went).
 I got quite a bit accomplished on the trip home.  I had a 3-hour layover in Atlanta that was joined by a 3-hour wait on the plane while they repaired a hydraulic problem.  I'm a white-knuckle flier at best--don't they know stuff like that creeps me out?

This  orchid cattleya by Melissa Shirley is another of the canvases I brought home, along with its companion below.

And I always have to take the opportunity to bring home several Strictly Christmas stockings.

This fun canvas from The Collection just had to come to the Needle Nicely party!

This is a vintage dragon by Dede.  It has such possibilities for pattern stitches.

I bought this by Sandra Gilmore, thinking it was a manatee.  While taking this photograph I realized that it was a sea lion, which makes me wonder about how close the relationship is between manatees (seacows) and sea lions.  Need to do some research on that.

And here are my trusty Vera Bradley bags, all washed and ready to be tucked away until the next market.  The tote is perfect for carrying rolled up canvases and pricelists, as well as that bottle of water so necessary for life today.

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