Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Frosty the snowman, only smaller Finished

As a carryover benefit of my stopping procrastinating about some hand stitching for customers last week, I dug out of hiding my stand-up version of Frosty the snowman.  He is an excerpt from the Snowman pillow designed by Lee's Needle Arts that I special-ordered last year.  In November, I had a customer who wanted help with needle felting.  I thought his scarf would be a good place to try this, so I unpicked what I had stitched.  I had started the scarf in the chain stitch using fuzzy stuff.
 Here he is all done.  I added French knots, wrapped twice, in Balger metallic for his eyes and mouth and satin stitch using sparkle rays for his carrot nose.  The scarf I did in alternating slanted gobelin, again using fuzzy stuff.
 Here is a close-up of the scarf so you can see the scarf in more detail.
 And in a further rush of diligence, I completed Ho, ho, ho from Associated Talents with the exception of the peppermint candies.  I am waiting for supplies to arrive so I can try an idea I think will work.  We'll see. 

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  1. Your rush of diligence is paying off big time, Mary Agnes. Way to go!