Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rug sale now 50% off

After much mental dithering about when I would mark the rug canvases down again, I finally bit the bullet this week.  The majority of them  are now 50% off with some masters being 60% off. 

In my continuing battle against procrastination ( a severe problem afflicting moi), I managed to complete the attachment of a shell needlepoint canvas to a tote bag.  I also now have a multiplicity of puncture wounds on my hands from the sharp needles utilized in this accomplishment.  Ouch!  The canvas is by Associated Talents (I think).  I have one more tote to have a canvas affixed.  Hurray!

 In this photograph, it looks higher on the right.  In person it isn't.  I worry about things like that.  In fact, I started to attach the canvas to the other side, but the tote manufacturer had put the handles on so they weren't level with each other.  Thank goodness it penetrated my brain that I could use the other side!

 These are the latest 12 colors of silk lame braid for 18mesh that Rainbow Gallery has released.  I love the fiber, but hope there aren't too many more as I'm running out of rack space.  In fact, Rainbow Tweed is now 1/2 price because it hasn't been that great a seller and it got bumped.


  1. Okay, Mary Agnes, I'll bite--what is Silk Lame Braid good for? Rainbow Gallery's Tweedie 18 had much better colors than its replacement.

  2. Anne, it's a wonderfully versatile fiber. I use the 18ct for both 18 and 13 mesh canvases. It isn't a "solid" metallic like Kreinik, but has a silk fiber interspersed with what I think is lurex for the metallic. A nice look and wonderful colors--it has ranges for each color.

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