Saturday, September 7, 2013

Procrastination is a terrible disease

I've been procrastinating about some hand stitching I need to do for Needle Nicely customers.  This week I made myself finally work on the first of 3 pockets I need to back and attach to large tote bags.  This was a Pischke Pocket kit. What a satisfying feeling to admire a finished product!  I feel so virtuous for finishing something I should have done last month.  
 After an afternoon of watching tennis and stitching, I am happy to say that I finished Merrrrrry Christmas on 13mesh.  I just wish Stan the Man Wawrinka had been as successful.
This shop model arrived yesterday in a box of Needle Nicely finishing.  I love the brown fabric I selected as backing.  It matches the color of the sand perfectly. 


  1. Will you be finishing "Merry Christmas" as a pillow, Mary Agnes?

  2. Yes, Anne. I don't frame shop models because people tend to pick them up to look at them and then drop them. Oops! Pillows don't break.