Saturday, December 21, 2013

A sprinkling of canvases

Postage has gotten so expensive that I've started ordering several canvases for the shop when I special order a canvas for a customer.  It helps spread the cost of shipping over more canvases and also has the added benefit of introducing some fresh merchandise at an "off" time of year (Needle Nicely's season is from mid-January through the end of April).

This is a new design from Elizabeth Turner.  When it arrived, I had my shop calligrapher (doesn't that sound fancy?) do a graph of Vero Beach to be stitched in place of the Miami.  In fact, while writing this I have decided to have Meredith of ET do some belts for Needle Nicely that way.
 This is a different candy belt, again from Elizabeth Turner.
 Crabs are always a popular item, especially in these preppy colors.

 This is one of Pippin's "Dozen" canvases, featuring twelve angels.
It has a great combination of patterns on the gowns.

Another of Pippin's "dozen" designs.  Such fun sweaters.

These beach umbrellas are one of Pippin's "fives" canvases.  They look like such  a delight to stitch.

This pair from Associated Talents are small companions to some larger canvases.  Thus you can stitch as much or as little as you want and still have an elegant pillow or two.

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