Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Pelicans everywhere, xi

The never-ending pelicans canvas where you can see that I did the criss-cross Hungarian combined with French knots on the green wing; a variation of the mosaic/jacquard on the pink wing to the far left; the mosaic stitch on the pink wing in the center; the diagonal triple Parisian on the periwinkle wing; and the double Hungarian on the lavender wing.  Now to finish the final two wings!

 And getting back to the last Christmas stocking Needle Nicely stitched for a customer--this is the doll's face and hair.  I'm not as artistic as Helen is with stitching faces, but this is definitely an improvement on the painted face!  The hair is the long-short split stitch using 3 colors of DMC floss (1 strand of the darkest, 2 strands of a medium and 3 strands of the lightest color). 

 This photograph shows the same long-short split stitch for the little girl's hair in the same blending combination.  And you can see to the left of the picture, the turkey work pom-pom on Santa's cap.  I usually don't trim this until the stocking is finished, but the grandmother was going to display this on Christmas day. 

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  1. Nice work, Mary Agnes! Hope you had a good Christmas.