Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Murphy's Law as applied to needlepoint shops

I think everyone knows Murphy's Law which roughly is "Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, and in the worst possible way at the worst possible time".  In relation to needlepoint shops, its corollarys are:

1.  The minute you have placed a fiber order, someone will walk in wanting 6 ounces of Paternayan or 7
     skeins of DMC perle cotton of colors that you didn't order and that the supplier has told you it is too 
     late to add to your order and of course it doesn't meet their minimum order so you will have to pay a        surcharge to order it.  (Great run-on sentence!)
NOTE:  Trying to get Blogger to indent is a real pain.  I just want everyone to know my pain.

2.  The minute you have closed a box of stitched items to be shipped to a finisher, someone will come in     with a canvas that needs to go to that finisher. 

2A Corollary:  After taping closed a package to a finisher, you will look on the counter and see the     finishing instructions for the enclosed items resting there.  GRRR!     

3.  The day after you have made a rush shipment to a finisher, a customer will come in with another rush item for that finisher.

4.  Of course you haven't paid an invoice from a canvas designer when in walks a customer who just HAS to have a canvas.  You're now behind the 8-ball to pay the invoice and then order the canvas.  Try tap-dancing a little faster while smiling the entire time.  NOT.


  1. Poor Mary Agnes. Take a deep breath and keep smiling!

  2. I can't help with the shop troubles, but the blogging... In Blogger, looking at the toolbar on top of your entry box, on the right hand side, the fifth icon should be "numbered list" (it will say that when you hover over it). It will do the indenting for you. Makes the numbers and everything! Before you start writing your list, click on that one.

    1. Oh, the "hours" of frustration you will be saving me, Anna! Thanks.