Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shop stitching

I've been spending my "free" time at the shop doing blocking and hand stitching for projects that my customers want for Christmas presents.  I didn't take a photograph, but last week I blocked the flap of one of Sophia's purses.  The customer planned to hand sew the lining down herself.  Then I blocked, machine lined, and then hand sewed a canvas to two of the Dash and Albert tote bags so the customer could give them to her daughters next week for Christmas.

This is a canvas from Lee's Needle Art. 

 As an added touch, the mother did a canvas with each daughter's monogram so I could applique it to the opposite side of the tote from the pocket canvas.  Of course, it would have been straighter if she had stitched it on a frame, but I think it's a nice addition.

 I don't remember the designer of this frog on a lily pad canvas. 

I'm almost finished the trim on Santa's suit.  I also need to stitch the little girl's hair and the face and hair of her doll (not shown in this photograph).  This is an Alexa design.  The customer will pin the stitched canvas to fabric so it will look like a finished stocking.  Those are lots and lots of French knots!  The pom-pom is going to be turkey work.  I have to have this ready Monday, so off I go to continue stitching.

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