Saturday, January 25, 2014

More new canvases

This year Needle Nicely is featuring stitch your own clock face.  The shop's model is currently at the framer getting mounted, then we'll take it to a clock man in Ft Pierce to have "the works" installed correctly.  The last one we tried to insert ourselves, we had the clock going in reverse.  It was an interesting concept; just not what the average person wants in their home.  The first five of these canvases are by Mindy.  The 6th (bright orange with flowers) is by Zecca.

These are a few of the belt canvases we have been adding to our French laundry basket.  The top 2 are from Susan Roberts.  The bottom 3 are from Ziggy of Walker Street.  Straight and upright doesn't appear to be in my vocabulary!

 A wonderful manatee canvas from Needle Crossings.  We also bought this design in a doorstop canvas.  Looking at it makes me want to drive down to the power plant where manatees gather around the warmer water in the canal.  It's one of the things to do when visiting Vero.

And this reminds me of the porpoises who follow beside boats on the intercoastal that separates the mainland from the beach, though it all is called Vero Beach.  This canvas from Needle Crossings fits in a luggage tag or another small already finished item from Colonial Needle.

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