Wednesday, January 15, 2014

San Diego TNNA 2014

Well, no more big talk from me about how I'm going to take lots of photographs to aid in my reporting about a market.  I'm a bust!  I did manage to take a photograph of my fellow shopowners in the line for the Friday evening "Sample It!" event.  It was a real scrum when everyone was allowed inside.

I managed to purchase 3 packages containing a total of 32 magnets from the Elizabeth Turner Collection.  As Meredith (the ETC owner) commented when last week I ordered some magnets "You're finally entering the 21st century"--and she's right!


This is the pendant watch that I wear when I travel.  A friend of mine picked it up on Canal Street in New York City.  It's quite valuable, NOT.   I usually go through life without a watch.

The theme of this market was something like "Sun, Sand and Surf".  This was the display outside the entrance to the TNNA area of the Convention Center.  The two sand sculptors worked on their masterpiece all day.  Notice the sandy scissors on the left side of the sand castle.

This is another feature set up outside the venue.  It allows vendors to feature something they want everyone to especially notice.  In the background you can see the "wall of yarn" where the vendors display new and/or wonderful yarns.  I was disappointed that the table display (this is only one side) had very few items from needlepoint companies.  Ironic, since of the 2 large national markets, this is the one thought of as the needlepoint market.  Go figure.

There is a publication for retailers called "Needlework Retailer".  This was the backdrop of their show booth.  I felt right at home and even asked if they would auction this off at the end of the market.  No way.  Sigh. 

The marvelously comfortable inflatable sofa in the Unique NZ booth.  I spent odd moments quite enjoyably here at various times over the 3 days of market.

Saturday night, I begged off going for drinks and dinner with friends because of just general exhaustion and overload.  Instead, I walked to Lou & Mickey's for a take-out romaine salad along with a crab cake.  Then I cabbed to my hotel.  There, enjoying my vodka and water before my delicious dinner, I watched the New England/Indianapolis game.  When Indianapolis scored the safety, a loud male voice came through the wall.  It was almost like being at home!

As it turned out, I only stitched on the airplane going and coming to San Diego.  Partly because the lighting in my motel room was so awful, but also because my mind was too busy thinking about what to buy.  A wholesale market really is sensory overload.  Add to that seeing longtime friends and catching up with their lives and the latest gossip making the rounds--all that socializing can be quite exhausting!

Just realized I should tell you that the outer border of slanted gobelin is using 3-ply impressions for the color.  The black (slanted gobelin, again) is Trio.  Then, the basketweave is again 3-ply impressions.


  1. You had the right idea on the last night---take in food and a relaxing in room evening.. It would be exhausting, but fun to catch up with all your long time friends. See you in the shop!

  2. PS thanks for the walker bag. I am enjoying it!