Sunday, January 12, 2014

silent night redo...

While you're reading this, I'm in San Diego attending the TNNA January market.  It's my first major market in over 3 years.  I've gone to several recent cash-and-carry summer markets, but this is the big-time!  I love San Diego, the convention center,  and definitely the restaurants on 5th Avenue.

I've managed to master enough modern technology to be able to blog twice-weekly, but I give up when it comes to doing computer things away from home.  I have several memory cards, extra camera batteries, and my handy Canon camera.  I'm determined to take pictures at this market since I have failed in my mission at the last two cash-and-carry markets.   I'll wait until I return home to download everything for future blog entries. Of course, this reminds me of a young woman who came into Needle Nicely this fall.  As she was leaving, she remarked that she really admired me because "for a woman of your age, you've done very well with your blogging."  She escaped before I was over my shock.  I know she meant it as a compliment, but I thought it was presumptuous. And if she had tarried, I might have ripped her throat out (not her heart--she has no heart).

I have taken several small projects with me to stitch on, but this is what I've been working on at home.  I always take more reading and stitching on trips than I could ever hope to finish.  This is an update of a canvas Trubey designed on 10mesh canvas 30years ago.  This new incarnation is on 13mesh and I'm stitching with silk 'n ivory.  The outer border for the seam of the pillow is slanted gobelin over 2 threads.  The next border is slanted gobelin over 3 threads.  Both of those are using white silk 'n ivory.  The next border is slanted gobelin in a metallic Balger.  Then a row of continental in white silk 'n ivory.

I just realized that the design is top-heavy.  Before I start stitching inside the borders, I'll have to have the Needle Nicely "studio" add another row of buildings on the bottom right to balance things.  

This looks much more balanced.  Also, if you look closely at the photograph on the top left, you can detect that there was a "mis-paint" where the sawtooth border was miscounted near the top.  Thank goodness the copy I sent to the copy painters was correct (I double-checked!). 

The stitched buildings on the right  are the additions to the original design. 

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  1. A strong design--simple and serene as befits the title. The buildings at the bottom make all the difference in the world.