Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sleepy time, finished

I stitched the cheeks in what I call the Jacquard mosaic stitch.  The nose is a Byzantine #2 variation from Stitches to Go.  The teeth are slanted gobelin.  I then took this off the stretcher bars to do two rows of basketweave around the outside for the pajama bag finisher. 

If you look closely at the basketweave on the top right you can see one of the perils of stitching on New Year's Eve--I turned the stitching so about 1/4 of the outside is done going the wrong way.  Since it will be the seam allowance, I'm leaving it in for posterity.

This is my first finish for 2014.  On Saturday January 4, 2014, I'm going to post my finished projects of 2013 and hold a Walker bag giveaway to a randomly selected commenter in an attempt to encourage comments.


  1. Wow! Only the first day of the New Year and you have a finish! You put us all to shame!

  2. Oooh, Walker bag. :)

    Can't wait to see what this pajama bag looks like finished.

  3. This is really cute. Looking forward to seeing it finished!

  4. Like that Jacquard mosaic stitch! And it's heartening to see that even amazing stitchers have occasional mistakes (variations?) -- encourages those of us who are regularly reminded of our imperfections. Thanks for "fessing up".