Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jump-starting my stitching

In an effort to jump-start my stitching (and get away from those awful blahs), I have started Susan Robert's 5" Christmas tree.  The tree comes with 4 pieces of canvases with the tree outline drawn on as well as some design elements.  The remainder of the design is composed of stitches combined with fibers to produce the finished product.  Of course, the first step after receiving the canvases and the stitch instructions, I had to order some fibers that Needle Nicely doesn't customarily stock--such as Balger metallic #32, color 003.  Usually NN only stocks the basic gold and silver in #32.  When I made my special order, I also included the green metallic since Susan has also done the Christmas trees on green canvas.  The sizes are 5", 7", and 9". 

This is a photograph of the 3 different sizes of the tree in the red version.  As I said previously, it also comes in a green version.

This is the first of the 4 tree sections. 

The left side is done in the basketweave in Christmas red Splendor before couching the scroll design.  The right side color looks peachy here but it is really an orange-red Splendor similar to 606 DMC.

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