Saturday, May 3, 2014

Star/tree ministocking, II

I've been making slow progress on the star/tree ministocking designed by Pippin Designs.  I took it to be my shop stitching since the green of the tree was too dark for me to see well at home.  I didn't allow for the spurt of business caused by everyone stocking up on needlepoint before heading North for the summer.  Not that I'm complaining.  It's also nice to see everyone when they return in the fall, but it is also enjoyable to be in Vero Beach during the summer when the traffic is much lighter and it's possible to go out to eat without a long wait. 

I've started stitching the red using Kreinik braid in the diagonal mosaic stitch.  The French knots are double-wrapped, again using Kreinik braid.  

These are just some of the colors of persian yarn I received from Saco River this week.  It is an ongoing slooow process of managing to obtain stock in all of the color range.  Now to get all those hanks twisted into skeins of 10 strands each (5 long strands).

I am also spending a lot of time on the internet trying to see all the new items from the summer TNNA market in Indianapolis.  This isn't the time of year for me to be spending much money, but I am making notes of items I will be ordering in the future.

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  1. See you at Blog. I'm trying to keep a running listing but I've given up for the night. One MUST stitch, after all! Here's the link--