Saturday, May 10, 2014

More new canvases (the last for this season, I hope!)

The Blue Angels are performing in an air show this weekend in Vero Beach.  They arrived on Wednesday and did some practicing on Thursday and Friday.  NN shares a parking lot with KMart and both practice afternoons there were people, mainly male, standing around, looking up with their jaws dropped.  It is a beautiful sight to watch the tight formations these men fly.  They are loud, though not sound-barrier breaking loud.  We even heard them over the singing in the opera this afternoon. 

Some new canvases have been trickling in.  Some have accompanied special order canvases.  Postage is so expensive anymore, that when I special order something, I always add several other items to defray the shipping cost.  One order came in that somehow I missed when I was notifying my suppliers that my season was over and to hold all unshipped orders until October.  My bad so I didn't try to return the canvases or ask for a later billing date.

This is an addition to my clock canvas collection.  It's a Mindy design.  Love those buttons upon buttons!

 This is what I think of as classic Mindy with a touch of floral and lots of oriental motifs.  Gorgeous!

I think anyone who has been to Paris would love this canvas since its motifs are so evocative of the city.  While I love the sophistication of the colors painted, I can also envisage this in hot pink and slime green.  Think about it!!  And something like plied splendor would cover the color change.

These mod girls from Alice Peterson are on a shopping spree.  There are such possibilities for pattern stitches on this canvas.

 I love this underwater night light canvas designed by Elizabeth Turner.

 I think Meredith of Elizabeth Turner has a special affinity for bees.  This one is a beautiful specimen.
This design alerts me to remind people who stitch lamp shades or night lights to be particularly careful with starting and stopping stitching strands.  If you let them encroach into the background, they will wave at you in an ugly way when the light is on.

This is one of my "problem children" stitching projects.  However, I have finished that dark, dark green and can move on to filling in the lighter green tendrils.  Hooray!!

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  1. What beautiful colors there are in Mindy's oriental canvas!