Saturday, May 24, 2014

Star/tree mini-stocking, finished

I'm sure some of you have forgotten the Pippin Studio mini-stocking that I was stitching on several months ago.  I resurrected it to stitch on as relief from the frustration I was feeling stitching on the 5" Christmas tree designed by Susan Roberts.  My husband even asked when I would be done with that section of "the tree" because I was muttering so much.  All is well with the world (that section is successfully finished) and I also completed this Pippin Studio mini-stocking.

This first photo is to show how I started the diagonal mosaic over the longest part of the toe section.  This enabled me to establish the stitch in all its glory.  I then turned the canvas upside down to complete the area toward the top of the stocking (with the sawtooth edges).  It made life much easier than trying to hop-scotch around those sawtooth pieces. 

 I wanted the toe to look different from the cuff area, so I left out the French knots.  Then I did the chain stitch swoops on the dark green in Kreinik Balger metallic.  Warning: It's awkward to shape into the stitch because of its stiffness/kinkiness.  But I do like the finished effect.

In another finish, I completed the couching filigree design on the 1st section of Susan Roberts' 5" Christmas tree. 


  1. Congratulations! I especially like the swirls on the mini stocking--well worth the pain.

  2. I agree with Ann, love the chain stitch on the stocking.