Saturday, July 25, 2015

And the afterbite happens!

Before I forget, if anyone has a HP printer that uses #95 color ink cartridges, I have three for free, but you pay me $6.00 for the postage.  I found several cartridges behind (yes, behind) my dead printer when I pulled it out to put in the new printer.  I already had returned several ink cartridges when I purchased the new printer----Soooo, if you can use #95, be the first in the comments to say you want them and then mail me a check for $6.00.  (Needle Nicely, 1531 US #1, Vero Beach, FL 32960). That way I don't have the guilt about throwing them away.  Thank you.

The irony about the afterbite of technology is that when I installed my new printer, I plugged everything into it that I had taken out of the old printer.  What could be bad about that?  I found out the other day when my husband's goddaughter called Needle Nicely saying her cell phone contacts had disappeared and she was disappointed to find out they were not "in the cloud".  So, in an effort to find Arthur's phone number, she called me at Needle Nicely.  I told her the number, and then called home to tell Arthur about the phone call.  My home phone rang twice and then entered fax mode.  Hmm.  Arthur had mentioned that our robo calls ended after two rings.  Duh!  The fax in the computer was picking up all of our calls (though it didn't ring).   That night I got to troubleshoot the new flatbed printer/scanner/fax to find out how to turn off the fax.  I wound up pulling the telephone line from the printer.  We're not the chattiest people on earth, but it is nice to have a telephone to let the outside world communicate with us.


  1. At least you're safe from robo calls for now! We get them on average about five a day, and we're on the no-call list HA! Not enough Fed people to monitor and crack down on telemarketers.

  2. I share your pain with technology. I have to replace my cell phone. I am terrified. Give me a new thread or a new needlework technique that I do not know, and I'm diving in with aplomb. Tell me I have to exchange my flip phone for a smart phone and I am shaking in my boots.