Saturday, July 11, 2015

Clara Wells purse, 5

I knew last week when I wrote the blog entry about dye lot tags I would be punished.  Sure enough, Tuesday morning my first customer wanted yarn and I had to match two colors for her.  The first was a snap, but the 2nd was a shade of off-white.  When I questioned whether it was Paternayan, I was assured she had bought it from Needle Nicely, though I was unable to find a color anywhere close.    I also mentioned dye lot tags and she told me she had them somewhere.  (At that, I had a vision of a curio cabinet full of dye lot tags!!)  After she paid and was on her way out the door, she inquired "Where is that nice woman who usually works for you?" I told her, truthfully, that they were both up North for the summer.  Boy, now I know asking for color numbers and dye lot tags are a real no-no.

I am making progress on the Clara Wells purse pieces, but slowly.  I am usually such a fast stitcher that it is hard for me to accept my slowness this summer.  This too shall pass (I hope).
I like to show an overall photograph, but in this case I think one focusing on the area remaining is appropriate.  The end of July seems like a real possibility.

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  1. Oh, so close! You can do it, Mary Agnes! Get out those turbo needles and have at it! It's going to be stunning when you finish.