Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Technology bites me again!

Well, I finally managed to kill my home printer.  It had been limping along for the past year with my having to hold the top down for contact to be made and the printing process to occur.  Last week the death knell sounded!  I was printing a marathon of items when I had a paper jam.  I cleared it, but obviously something was too shocking to the printer's system and it refused to print.  Even after multiple attempts to coax it into action.  I should be grateful since I managed over a year of "new" life from it, though I won't miss my left shoulder's dip to hold the top of the printer down.

That reminds me, on another topic, I noticed this week that I am now touching the bottom right of the page of a book when I want to turn the page.  I haven't had my Paperwhite that long, but obviously I am quite teachable!  

Back to the printer--I went Monday morning to Office Depot, which is where I have purchased all of Needle Nicely's computer equipment over the years after our original IBM from hades.  Coincidentally, in Sunday's sales flyer in the local mullet wrapper, among the printers on sale was a flat bed for only 129.99.  Wonderful!  To be honest, I would have forced myself to wait until an inexpensive flat-bed printer was on sale, though I had several items (like sales tax reports and quarterly tax payments) I needed to print.  Now it isn't a problem.  

My new printer is a black beauty.  Aesthetically that is pleasing.  BUT, the installation instructions were one side of a page with 3 diagrams.  I saw that I was to turn the printer on, attach a big thing to the back, and attach the electrical cord.  Nowhere did it show where to put the packets of ink that came with the printer.  I finally had to admit defeat and call Office Depot.  A pleasant young man was rather clear in his instructions and I managed to locate the panel on the front and successfully inserted the cartridges of ink.  


  1. I feel your pain. I finally replaced my 1948 Singer sewing machine. Nowhere in the manual for the new machine--and believe me, I read every word--did it say how to open the cover for the bobbin. Sigh . . .

  2. I think everything today comes with the "assumption" that we already know certain things to do..............and we don't! I feel your pain. You are not along!

  3. Me too! Went thru same thing with my new printer!