Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What a snarl!!

Needle Nicely has two customers' rugs to send to our rug finisher.  I always enclose a twisted cord to be attached to the perimeter of a rug when it is finished.  For the twisted cord, it is necessary to have an uncut hank of Paternayan.  I unwrapped the first skein (the only skein I had of that color) and prepared to cut the knot joining the ends of the yarn in the hank.  I had a "brain fart" in the process of cutting the knot and I then proceeded to start cutting through the hank.  I stopped myself after about 1 1/2 inches of the 5 inch thickness.  I did managed to salvage enough lengths for my cording, but this is what the remaining yarn looks like:
If I can't con someone else into straightening out the mess, then I have a project where I can just sit and go "oooohm" while pulling on an end!

Needlepoint designers don't seem to have gotten the message that this is my really sloooow time of year.  Here are several canvases that have arrived.  This first is one of the shorter Christmas stockings from Strictly Christmas.  I can see a real demand for less stitching.
 Jennifer of Pippin Studio has added this twelve tree stocking and has made 12 individual ornaments from the trees.
 This cute dog canvas also arrived from Pippin Studio, accompanied by a companion one for cats saying "Let me in. . . let me out".

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  1. Poor Mary Agnes! When I first looked at the yarn photo, I thought it was a plate of spinach-based pasta. Pretty shade of green, though--bet the rug is gorgeous.