Saturday, August 1, 2015

5" tree, XII

When I stopped stitching on Susan Roberts' 5"standing tree, I had completed six sections out of the eight comprising the tree.  I originally stopped because I had run out of some needed fibers.  Of course, by the time Needle Nicely received them, I had moved on to a new project.  Now I'm trying to fulfill my stitching expectations that I stated at the beginning of the off-season (05/06/15).  Note:  I still can't post links!

This is one of the 4 pieces of Susan's tree.  The circles were to be filled with four different stitches utilizing flair/rachel and gold Coronet braid.  As I soon discovered, some of the stitches were slightly smaller than the drawn circles.  After I stitched the rachel and before stitching the gold, I went back with the Splendor and stitched in some filling stitches.

Here you can see the missing stitches:
 This shows the completed stitches.  If you look closely, the 3rd round differs from the bottom round.  They should be identical.  Truthfully, I ain't going back to change it.  It looks good at a glance.
 And the finished section of the design:
Now I have one more piece to complete.  I hope that will be a blog entry in the near future.

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  1. "At a glance" at our house translates to "not noticeable when viewed from the back of a runaway horse." Nice save, Mary Agnes!