Saturday, August 22, 2015

Shop stitching, RUSH job

As I mentioned Wednesday, earlier that day a customer came in and selected an 18-mesh Rebecca Wood Christmas stocking for Needle Nicely to stitch for her new granddaughter.  It is 210 square inches and I estimate that I will have to stitch at least 35 square inches a week until my finisher's Christmas deadline (I am planning to ask for a special dispensation to be a week or two late, partially because of the time required for shipping to the finisher).
 I've been stitching the basketweave on the tree using impressions.  Here you can see my first progress.  I haven't put the canvas on a frame yet, since stitching in hand is so much faster.  However, I have the frame ready for when I start the pattern stitches.

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  1. A gal after my own heart--doing the background first! Cute stocking!