Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Business in the dead of summer

Talk about Christmas in August!  I received shipments from 4 finishers yesterday and today.  I spent today wrapping up pillows, ornaments, a doorstop, and a satchel purse to ship to their owners.  I borrowed a shopping cart from the Health food store two doors down so I could take the seven packages to the post office just around the corner.  Tomorrow I get to deal with the Christmas stockings and blocking belts in preparation to sending them to the finisher.  Then I must reorder some fibers--I keep walking by the racks and saying tomorrow.  When I'm out of white and black, it is more than time to reorder!

In my stitching, I'm on the home stretch on the Clara Wells purse.  One side is stitched and I'm almost finished the 2nd side.  That will be cause for much celebration.  I've received some new canvases that managed to sneak in from early orders this year.

These are two stockings from Pippin Studio.

These ministockings are from Kathy Schenkel.  They all look like they'd be so much fun to stitch.