Saturday, September 26, 2015

Shop stitching, RUSH job 6

My shop stitching this past week has been consumed by putting the finishing touches on two additional stockings that we are stitching for another customer.  Thursday afternoon was the last shipment I made to my pillow and stocking finisher for Christmas finishing.  Both my regular belt finisher and my ornament finishers' deadline is the 3rd week of November for Christmas finishing.

 I've only been able to stitch an hour or two a night on the Rebecca Woods stocking for London that
obviously isn't making the finishing deadline this year.  I don't take customer's canvases with me when I travel since too many things can happen, none of them good.  I spent some time Thursday trying to decide what I would bring along.  Truthfully, there isn't much stitching time at market since you need to be thinking about which canvases you will order or bring home.  It is truly sensory overload.

Here is my progress on the Rebecca Wood "London" stocking--I have completed the third garland, stitched one red metallic ornament,  and started on the angels.  Rather pitiful!
 Usually when I go to market, I try to make something for me to munch on.  This is my biscotti.  I do always share with my husband.

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