Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Destination Dallas market

I have written before about how expensive attending wholesale markets can be (11/15/13).   Many  shopowners are from small towns, so when we reach the market city we want to really experience it.  You seek out wonderful restaurants and look for your special interests-- I look for book stores.  If I'm in San Diego I go to Balboa Park where there are many small museums adjacent to the San Diego Zoo.  I used to look for bead stores until I locked my beads away and refused to allow myself to purchase more.  (Note--a large box was retrieved when I closed the Needle Nicely storage unit this spring, but I haven't been allowed to open it!!).

Sunday night, June 7, I made my reservations to attend Destination Dallas in September.  Since the show is being housed in a Hilton hotel that was already booked;  and I am a Hilton Honors member, I managed to obtain a reservation in a nearby Hilton hotel for roughly $190 for 4 nights.  What a deal.  I used my Hilton Honors points to obtain that cost.  Then I made my reservations to fly on Delta.  It was a toss-up whether to use my Delta miles or purchase my ticket with a Capital One credit card and then redeem it later.  I opted for the Capital One card because I still entertain thoughts of going to Europe on Delta miles.  Once the charge ($250.) is entered on the card, I can call and have my points credited against the charge.  So my stay in Dallas will cost Needle Nicely $190 plus what I spend on food and drinks.  Then I need to add the cost of the ride to and from Melbourne airport. I thought there was a hotel shuttle, but wound up taking a regular taxi from the Dallas airport to my hotel.  There was to be a shuttle from the Embassy Suites to the other hotels, but it took about 1 1/2 days to really get it going smoothly.  However, the trip was really a cheap date for something that usually costs a minimum of $2200.

This market was different for me.  Due to the neuropathy in my feet and my recently diagnosed
 asthma, I am exhausted after walking a market for several hours.  This time I decided to rent an electric scooter.  I did well on the straightaway, but getting into the elevators was a trial.  I had to have someone hold the door--and then I had to pray I had judged it correctly and didn't hit the back plexiglass wall.  The first day, I encountered a very nice gentleman who thought I should turn around inside the elevator.  Talk about a nightmare!  He appeared twice.  The second day I decided to go straight in and then back straight out.  Much better, and definitely easier on my nerves.  The third day I only had spot orders to make so I left the scooter at the hotel front desk! And I must mention that I had it on tortoise rather than hare.  No one would have been safe  had it been on hare!!  The market took up 4 floors of the hotel, so there was a lot of elevatoring.  Sigh.

I had to laugh every evening when I returned to my hotel room.  There was a king-sized bed with 4 down pillows.  I love pillows and pile all of them up to sleep on.  But here's what the maid did each day:

Here's a sampling of canvases that I brought home from market:

This is one of two Sandra Gilmore mermaids I brought home.  The other is holding a turtle.
 These two canvases are from Creative Needle.  The first is reminiscent of William Morris.
 The second is an attractive shades of blue design.

More wonderful buys Saturday!


  1. Glad you're back in one piece, scooter and all. The William Morris-inspired canvas is exquisite.

  2. Replies
    1. In another life, I made "hook" dangling earrings. However, I never managed to find a reliable market. That's why my 24" x 12" box remains unopened. Too much needlepoint to deal with.

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