Wednesday, October 26, 2016

35 years in Vero Beach

I'm actually a month late in celebrating Needle Nicely's 35th year in Vero Beach.  Perhaps that is because I wasn't here for the grand opening.  I was still in Blowing Rock, keeping the shop there open through the "leaf season".  I was also awaiting the finishing of an orchid bench from Hunt Galleries, I regret to say, a now nonexistent furniture manufacturer in Hickory, NC.  The bench was too large to be shipped UPS (no longer true), so I waited to drive it to Florida in a Scout vehicle.

 On top of the Scout was placed a rack for metallic fibers from La Lame (I don't know if they are still in business),  that our local Blowing Rock carpenter had assembled for us.  He had covered it with cardboard and it looked like a long, skinny coffin.  After accumulating my cargo, I followed Trubey's parents South.  We spent the first night in Savannah, GA.

Remember, this was 1981, before cell phones.  I was following the Walkers' car as we approached the bridge to the barrier island in Vero Beach.  I remember so well my horror, as the light changed, and Bill Walker drove through the yellow light, leaving me behind at the red light.  I could see Zoe talking to him--and he pulled over to wait for the light to change, so I could follow him.  She realized that I had no idea where we were going--no phone number to call, no idea where we were staying, nothing.  I was blindly following them to our destination.

Obviously, so much has changed in the ensuing 35 years.  But it is in celebration of surviving those years that Needle Nicely is having a "blow-out" sale, running from October 31 through November 4, 2016.  We managed to survive many hurricanes (though Wilma gave us true stress!).

Today I put some retired model pillows on sale at unbelievable prices ranging from $15.00 to $100.00.  That is the sale bonus (or lagniappe).

Other sale categories are:

50% off rug canvases (ask to see photos or look on line at
       Sale rugs
50% off books in the bookcase
50% off sayings canvases in the 3-tiered rack
50% off all previously marked sale items, including sale Lee accessories and $5.00 items
30% off all belts in the belt basket
30% off all Christmas ornaments, including nativities and 12-days of Christmas
25% off all fibers
25% off all other canvases and accessories, with the exception of Sudberry footstoolsand one ottoman.
Sale is limited to items in stock.  Does not include special orders or finishing.

If we are very busy and cannot pull fibers for your canvas(es), we will mark your receipt and you
       can come in November 7-11 to select your fibers ar 25% off.  You must have the original
       marked receipt.  It is only good with my signature and only the week following the sale.  Of
       course, you are always welcome to select your own fibers.


  1. Happy anniversary and many, many more!

  2. Oh, I so wished I lived closer. I would buy up your floor samples in seconds! Planning to post any pics of them?

  3. I will tomorrow. And do remember that I ship at the sale prices. Glad you suggested it. Tomorrow I will post photos and prices. Thanks!

  4. Happy Anniversary...and I love your blog. Keep 'em coming.