Saturday, October 8, 2016

Some delightful canvases from the Dallas market

 I purchased this froggy bathing beauty and her companion from The Collection.  What a fun canvas for stitches and to chuckle at.
 Just had to have this sand dollar from Zecca.  The colors are glorious.  I keep trying to think how I could make this into a clock!  I think it is doable since the top "spike" is 12 and the 3rd downward "spike" is 6.  Put buttons there and then place two on each side spaced appropriately.  It works for me!
 This rabbit from Susan Roberts has had many incarnations.  Here it is the seat for a  child's chair, though it would make a great pillow.  The rabbit appears in many different sizes on Susan Roberts canvases.  And it should--it's a winner!
There was no way I could resist this small canvas from Mary Englebreit from Painted Pony.  Just makes me smile looking at it.
 Melissa Shirley has a series of large canvases with interesting border items that vary in size from 18x18 to 22x22.   She also does the inner canvas from these as 8x8" (which this is), and 5x5".  This is a great selling device since many people don't want to tackle a canvas as large as 22x22"--the other sizes give them the same feeling.  By the way, these are swallow-tailed hummingbirds.
Then I come to this long (I'm sorry, I didn't measure, but it is about 20" long).  But what fun to look at!  It doesn't fit in my life or my shop stitching, but I do enjoy looking at it.  It's a Debbie Mumm for Melissa Shirley Designs.  It offers so many possibilities for pattern stitches.

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