Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Placing Shop Models on the Shelf in This LIfetime

A few days before Hurricane Matthew came to town, my email account went screwy.  I could receive emails, but could not send any.  I also couldn't access junk mail or empty the deleted message area.  With all that was going on in life at that time, I decided that I would put off contacting Indiiia for help in remedying the problem.  Finally, Monday night I stiffened my spine and called.  I had the most competent person ever--come to find out, I need to say my account is a business one.  It only took about 35 minutes.  And no stress.  Amazing.  I never thought I would say anything positive about distant techies.

The pillows are glaring at me from atop almost every surface in the shop.  I'm tough--they don't worry me.  My customers can access everything they could possibly need, so mere cosmetics don't bother me (says she who doesn't wear any make-up!). I did dodge one bullet when my DH (who is 80) offered to climb the ladder and put them back up.  It took all the tact I will ever possess to convince him that that wasn't a good idea.  If I'm not willing to climb at my age (74), I sure am not letting him do it.  A true recipe for disaster!  Of course, my first two customers this morning thought the disarray was because Needle Nicely was moving.  Trust me, this stuff is here to stay unless a hurricane blows us away!  I no longer have the energy for a move--and preparing for a hurricane really stretched my reserves of energy.

Actually, there is more to putting the pillows back up than just tossing them up there.  First, Marcia dusted the shelf (my dusting theory is if you can't see it, it isn't there!).  Then she carried the pillows,   basketful by basketful, outside by the rosemary and beat pairs together.  The dust flew!  Her nose definitely was stopped up by the dust.  Next, we have to check that we still have canvases for each model.  There will be some weeding out.  This is the time for me to rearrange some areas of the shop.  I also should redo the prices on the pillows since finishing costs (and canvas costs) have risen over the years.  Some people demonstrate interest in buying a finished model and then almost faint when they are told the cost. Sometimes I make a deal.  My air conditioning man, who we have had since first arriving in Vero Beach, looked around one day when he came to service the air conditioner.  He spied one and asked how much it was.  It was a birthday gift for his mother.  I told him he had done so much for us over the years--and gave him the pillow.  Thirty-five years of dependability is definitely worth one pillow!  I also usually donate discontinued models to local charities as door prizes and silent auction items.

Teaser:  Needle Nicely has been in Vero Beach 35 years as of October, 2016.  I will be having a sale the first week in November.  More information later.

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  1. Smart move for you and Arthur to pass on a high-wire act restoring the pillows to their perch. Heights aren't my forte, either. You can send Marcia up here with her dust cloth when she's all finished!