Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kumihimo braid

In the summer of 2005, I heard about Kumihimo braid.  It is a way to manufacture custom braid for yourself.  The initial kit includes a form with notches (see the photograph below),  You then follow a pattern aroujnd the form (whether a circle or square, depending on what type of braid you are making).  Most people use it to make bracelets or necklaces, but I thought it would be wonderful to manufacture custom braids to serve as cording on needlepoint pillows.  However, in the uproar of relocating Needle Nicely after the roof went off in Hurricane Wilma, I almost totally forgot about my pursuit of making custom braid.

Tuesday on Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure, Jane had a post about the manufacture and usage of this braid.  It reminded me that I had (I'll double-check) 8  beginner kits for kumihimo.  I also have  additional instructional booklets for 2 different types of braids (numbers to be later determined).

This is the original kit. It is from Accent Bead Design.  This photo shows the elements of the kits.
The two additional booklets are Hollow Braid:  ALL COPIES SOLD
and #2 The Two-Faced Wonder:  ALL COPIES SOLD

In 2005, the suggested MSRP was $40.00 for the kit.   I am willing to sell them for $30.00.  The additional instructions were MSRP $10.00, so those I will sell for $7.50.  Let me know if you are interested and then contact Needle Nicely, 772-567-6688.  Postage will be minimal, but will depend on what you purchase.  

EDIT:  I discovered another booklet that I will sell for $7.50

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